When the music stops, in terms of liquidity, things will be complicated. But as long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance. We're still dancing.” - Chuck Prince, July 2007

The world is warming up, with its devastating consequences for many regions of the world. Some regions will be impacted by debilitating climate changes, other by the steady flood of refugees from the later regions. If we reason using today’s most preferred metrics, the financial ones, the costs are incalculable.

The world is warming up rapidly, thanks to feedback loops on land and sea that accelerate a vicious circle of melting, desertification, decreased carbon capture and increased warmth capture. Within a couple of decades, the threshold of 2C of ‘manageable’ climate change, set not to be reached in 2100, will be achieved. In fact, our chances of not going over it are about 5%.

The world is warming up and it seems that besides a few cosmetic changes and marginal policies, few actually care about it. If climate change is such a big deal, why aren’t big actions taken? Too many European countries still waste tremendous amounts of resources on useless things. If these countries are supposedly the most advanced in the world, what does it say about the current state of the world and its future direction?

The world is warming up and neo-liberal mantra of freedom has captured us into thinking that regulation is bad, even if citizens are unwilling to change their consumption and life style habit. They will of course pay the price of their follies, but once again the costs are both unfathomable economically and politically.

The world is warming up but we prefer to dance the night away. To quote a famous bank CEO, back in July 2007: “When the music stops, in terms of liquidity, things will be complicated. But as long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance. We’re still dancing.” We like to believe we are an intelligent species, but we’re about to trick ourselves into proving us wrong.

David Reich Unearths Human History Etched in Bone – (Hat tip Lao Ho) – New technologies allowing the finding, sequencing and analysis of human prehistoric DNA reveals incredible insights about human migration, evolution and colonization of the world.

Humanity’s Meat and Dairy Intake Must Be Cut in Half by 2050 to Avoid Dangerous Climate Change – Humans need to reduce their animal products consumption, starting with immediately stopping their industrial meat consumption to lessen global warming impact. This should only be part of a wide range of environmental friendly habits that need to be developed as soon as possible.

World May Hit 2 Degrees of Warming in 10-15 Years Thanks to Fracking – The world is warming faster than expected, partly thanks to fracking, which dramatically slowed the deployment of renewable energies.

Plastic Watch: Great Pacific Garbage Patch Grows – The Pacific’s floating plastic trash bin continues to grow while the world continues to  produce one-use plastics that pollute our planet. Meanwhile, India manages to recycle 90% of its PET bottles, ahead of Japan, Europe or the USA.

Surveillance is the DNA of the Platform Economy – All the major technological companies are focusing on data, which are extracted by monitoring users behaviours and actions. These companies have an access into our private lives that is unprecedented in depth and scale.

The Euro Area’s Deepening Political Divide – For decades, national leaders and European institutions have neglected domestic populations while focusing on European integration, resulting in growing resentment from the poorest citizens, which are now voting against Europe. Europhile should be careful not to dismiss these people as backward, since they are gaining strength and voting against deeper (and impossible) integration.

QE Failed in Japan – The Bank of Japan’s QE programs failed to raise inflation in the country despite the massive increases in bank assets…

Number of the week: Insight from ‘Homo Sapiens‘: There were about 769 million living pigs (this number doesn’t include slaughtered pigs during the year, around twice that number) in the world at year end in 2017, but only an estimated 90,000 giraffes. Similar ranges apply to other livestocks and wild animals. If we were applying proportionality, children books should be full of images of livestock, not wild animals.

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