Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage.” - Ray Bradbury

What’s the ultimate way to defy depression, disease and early death? Exercise – Last week, the answer to this question was sleep. Still, both are of utmost importance.

Macron takes risky bet with tough talk on weedkiller – Or is he? The article implies that Macron is doing a PR stunt to raise support from the Greens. He has no appetite to anger farmers (a large voting block) but apparently supports the fading out of glypphosate.

Undercover At the Bullshit Factory – A refreshing look at the tech startups, where creating innovative products is now secondary to scaling as fast as possible by selling an exaggerated story about how well the products work.

U.S. Shale Isn’t As Strong As It Appears – The shale oil & gas industry has implemented most of the cost cutting measures possible, meaning that their prospects for future margin expansion remain low at current prices. Meanwhile, they rely on capital markets to renew their wells, though they are stuck between increasing revenues and bringing too much supply on the market.

Why nation-states are good – The push for globalization is undermining the institutions that support it, effectively creating threats that may destroy itself.

The “Russian Ads” On Facebook Are Just Another Click-Bait Scheme – The ‘Russian’ ads on Facebook don’t matter: 1. Half of them were published after the election; 2. Most of them were ‘click-bait’ headlines to sell products; 3. Some of them were entirely not relevant to the election (a website with puppies). The article forgets to show how USD 100,000 worth of ads could have swayed a multi billion dollars election.

IMF: High household debt triggers crisis – Higher household debt boost the economy on the short term thanks to more spending, but then decrease economic activity as the borrowers focus on paying back their debt. Another important factor not mentioned in the excerpt is the growth of debt, which increases the probabilities of a financial crisis.

Picture of the day: Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

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