We’re short on links as we are trying to adapt to a new life schedule (work). Given that we already spend most of the day learning new things (financial analysis, new markets, new industries…) we have much less curiosity left at the end of the day and focus on entertainment and sport. We’ll keep the blog running for now, although at a reduce cruise speed.

Here Come the Robots: Your Job Is at Risk – “The report warns that developing countries may even have to rethink their overall development models as the old ones that were successful in generating growth in the past will not work anymore. Instead of export-led manufacturing growth, developing countries will need to search for new growth models, said the report.

The World’s Biggest Election – [Video] – “Stratfor South Asia Analyst Faisel Pervaiz explains why this year’s state elections in Uttar Pradesh are so important for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s re-election bid and reforms package.

Le camp de la tradition a été balayé – [Hat tip Lao Ho] – “Le Nouveau Monde, quatrième et dernier volume de L’Avènement de la démocratie, se lit comme un roman dont les idées, concepts et théories forgées par l’esprit humain seraient les personnages. Et c’est toute notre modernité qui s’en trouve soudainement éclairée, nous laissant avec une inépuisable question: que faire de notre liberté ?

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