The Facts are True, the News is Fake – Nassim Nicholas Taleb “Models are error prone, something I knew well with finance; most risks only appear in analyses after harm is done. […] In fact the more uncertainty about the models, the more conservative one should be.

Democracy, Disrupted – [Hat tip Lao Ho] – “We are witnessing a period of deep challenge to the core claims of democracy to be the superior form of political organization of civilized peoples.

Renewable energy: A world turned upside down – [Hat tip Lao Ho] – “Getting renewables to today’s relatively modest level of penetration was hard and very expensive work. To get to systems where renewables supply 80% or more of customers’ electricity needs will bring challenges that may be far greater…”

La guerre des islamismes – [Hat tip Lao Ho] – “Par un effet d’écho ou de mimétisme, la lutte entre courants islamistes observée au niveau international est importée sur le territoire national sans jamais vraiment garder présent à l’esprit le contexte d’origine. On assiste ainsi, en France même, à une compétition entre le courant frériste et le courant salafiste qui se traduit par des formes d’expression et de manifestation différentes.

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"Great perfection may appear imperfect, but its usefulness is inexhaustible. Great abundance may appear empty, but its usefulness cannot be exhausted. Great correctness may appear twisted, great skills appear crude, great eloquence appear awkward. Activity conquers cold; inactivity conquers heat. Clear serenity governs the world." - Lao Zi