It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” - Albert Einstein

We were quite busy recently, but we hope that the links below will satisfy your curiousness.

Science, General Knowledge & Environment

An Expert Called Lindy – NN Taleb “One should give more weight to research that, while being rigorous, contradicts other peers, particularly if it entails costs and reputational harm for its author.

Bernie Madoff is cornering the prison market on Swiss Miss hot chocolate – “One of the most important things about this story is that it is a mistake to view [Madoff] as an outlier. He profited from the way financial systems work, which is a point most people don’t really grasp. He wasn’t a freak. He was sustained by the system, embraced by it, because it profited from him.

Best Buy National Repair Techs Routinely Search Customer Devices, Act as “Paid Informers” for FBI – “Federal authorities deny they directed the man to actively look for illegal activity. But the attorney alleges the FBI essentially used the employee to perform warrantless searches on electronics that passed through the massive maintenance facility outside Louisville, Ky., where technicians known as Geek Squad agents work on devices from across the country.

AI arms race risks spiralling out of control, report warns – “The WEF’s annual Global Risks report highlights mounting concern at the few regulatory constraints on AI technologies that are increasingly used in defence, as in other walks of life, and that may soon be able to out-think humans.

Finance & Economics

Does Immigration Boost Growth? A Look at Data From Around the World – “Sure, these graphs don’t prove that immigration is bad for growth. However, they make it very, very hard to argue that immigration had a positive effect on growth during the past few years. Of course, that isn’t what we hear from our betters.

Young people must be protected from automation – “As technology advances and changes our economy, young jobseekers will bear the brunt of changes in the labour market. With the increasing automation of jobs traditionally occupied by young workers and professionals, a whole generation could face a dystopian future if policymakers fail to act.

Number of the day: “Just 8 men hold more wealth than half the world’s people.

“Oxfam estimates that over the last 25 years, the top 1% have gained more income than the bottom 50% put together. Oxfam cites several causes of the growing inequality, including:

  • Corporations increasingly working for those at the top by squeezing workers and producers;
  • Tax dodging by multinationals and the wealthy elite;
  • Super-charged shareholder capitalism; and
  • Crony capitalism.

Picture of the day: Bear Ears Buttes in Utah


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