From Wikipedia: "Darwin's Nightmare is a 2004 French-Belgian-Austrian documentary film written and directed by Hubert Sauper, dealing with the environmental and social effects of the fishing industry around Lake Victoria inTanzania. Through interviews with the Russian and Ukrainian plane crew, local factory owners, guards, prostitutes, fishermen and other villagers, the film discusses the effects of the introduction of the Nile perch to Lake Victoria, how it has affected the ecosystem and economy of the region. The film also dwells at length on the dichotomy between European aid which is being funneled into Africa on the one hand, and the unending flow of munitions and weapons from European arms dealers on the other. Arms and munitions are often flown in on the same planes which transport the Nile perch fillets to European consumers, feeding the very conflicts which the aid was sent to remedy. As Dima, the radio engineer of the plane crew, says later on in the film: the children of Angola receive guns for Christmas, the children of Europe receive grapes. The appalling living and working conditions of the indigenous people, in which basic sanitation is completely absent and many children turn to drugs and prostitution, is covered in great depth; because the Nile perch fish is farmed commercially, all the prime fillets are sold to European supermarkets, leaving the local people to survive on the festering carcasses of the gutted fish."

This is the sad reality that Darwin's Nightmare shows us: kids sniffing glue, women having no other choice than prostitution, men working without safety concerns and then fired as soon as they get sick (its cheaper), corruption, exploitation, an ecosystem devastated by some 'experiment' of white people… A country raped by big business, a population starving while tons of fishes are sent daily to Europe and Japan. The Boston Globe calls it "the year's best documentary about the animal world," but it is as much a human tragedy than an animal one.

This documentary will open your eyes on the dark side of globalization and make you realize how the Western world is living off the rest of the world. Why don't rich countries do something to attack the root of the problems in Africa? Because it is not in their interest: wars, famines, poverty are opportunities for those countries to make business via weapon trades, exploitation of natural resources or simply humanitarian aid. To make a change, we have to change the way we live, as we are all responsible for these horrors.

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