From Wikipedia: "The film focuses on the effects of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and discusses events from the rise of Zionism to the Second Intifada and Israel's unilateral disengagement plan, presenting its perspective through dozens of interviews, questioning the nature of Israeli-American relations — in particular, the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and the ethics of US monetary involvement. Occupation 101 includes interviews with mostly American and Israeli scholars, religious leaders, humanitarian workers, and NGO representatives — more than half of whom are Jewish — who are critical of the injustices and human rights abuses stemming from Israeli policy in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza."

What a strange irony of history: at the end of WWII, the nation of Israel was artificially created for the victims of the systematic persecutions and extermination that occurred during the Nazi rule. However, once in their newly founded land, these very people started clashing heavily with local inhabitants, and 60 years later those who were victims are the very one supporting policies of ethnic cleansing, apartheid and massive human rights violations…

The terrible thing is that we are always told that the Israelis are the victims in this conflict. That they are the one suffering from an aggressive religious extremist neighbor, wanting total extermination of their nation. But is it really so? Or is it actually the other way around?

Israel is a murderous, military driven democracy, tainted with religious extremism. It conducts wars of aggression and occupies territories in violation of international law. It follows a policy of ethnic cleansing and colonization. It willfully keeps millions in extreme poverty levels in order to break their will to fight and make them eventually migrate from their homeland. It destroys schools, mosques, houses, power plants and other public infrastructure as a response to a small minority of rebels that decided to fight against the inhumane treatment inflicted on their people.

Honestly, what would you do if there was no mean to fight such invader, which throws you out of you land and humiliates you daily? Fight for your rights. But the rule of law only applies to citizens of a state,  and Palestinians living in occupied territories are not considered citizens by Israel. Instead, they live under a military occupation where military law applies. They are just nuisance for the Israelis who want them out, in order to control larger swaths of land.

What is happening in Israel and Palestine is one of the biggest human rights violation in our modern world. And no one says a thing. We just let them continue. We don't move a finger to help a population that lives in misery under the military dictatorship of one the most developed country in the world. Can economic development and democracy avoid such terrible things? Apparently not. It is now time to make a stand, break the taboos and end the human rights violations and the humanitarian disaster created by Israel.

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