From Wikipedia: "The documentary examines our dependence on oil, showing how oil is essential for almost every facet of our modern lifestyle, from driving to work to clothing and clean tap water. A Crude Awakening asks the tough question, “What happens when we run out of cheap oil?” Through expert interviews, the film spells out in startling detail the challenges we would face in dealing with the possibility of a world without cheap oil—a world in which it may ultimately take more energy to drill for oil than we can extract from the oil the wells produce."

Yes, I know, everyone is talking about oil, our dependence, the peak oil and the world afterwards. Yet, until now, no one seems to really care. After all, people have been crying wolf long enough and nothing happened until now. Actually, we've never had it so good haven't we ?

Now look around you. Try to find one thing that doesn't rely on oil. The flat you live in, the chair you sit on, the small cactuses you have on your balcony, the computer you're reading on… There might be a stone or some sand that's not a derived product from oil, but you've bring back the sand from some heavenly destination by plane. We are not just using oil, we are oil. Everything and anything you use, consume or create is more or less a direct or derived product extracted from oil.

Scientists say that we'll find a solution to maintain our standards of living in the 'no oil' era. I certainly hope so, yet there is nothing as cheap and efficient as oil. Let me say it another way: there is no energy commodity that can replace oil on a par basis. We have some technologies, but as time goes on, we are ever more hooked on oil than anything else. There is neither the infrastructure in place nor an energy source that might replace black gold. And when it goes out, it'll be pretty tough.

Can you survive without oil ? It's a question worth asking yourself now rather than when it'll be too late…

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