Warriors tells the story of a British platoon sent to Bosnia for peacekeeping mission. This 2 episodes TV drama focuses on the experiences of the soldiers sent in a war torn country, within Europe, where ethnic and religious differences transformed a quiet valley into a killing zone.

The initial enthusiasm of the soldiers is quickly tamed by the reality of the situation, and as time goes by, the frustration grows to unbearable levels. The paradoxical goal of the mission -to protect civilians without direct intervention- put the peacekeepers in a delicate position where they have to endure various humiliating treatments by paramilitary Serbs, a sense of helplessness when dealing with Bosnian civilians -are they here to protect or simply monitor as a neutral force?- as well as anger and guilt when the troops arrive after the massacres and other abuses.

The show doesn't stop when their tour is over: it also follow the soldiers back in their civilian life, their traumas, the difficulties they experience when they try to explain what they went through.

More than just a TV serie, Warriors is an eye opener as to the mission that European peacekeepers did in Bosnia during the terrible wars and ethnic cleansing of the early and mid 90's.

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