This is a documentary about the rise and fall of the Enron Corporation, at the time the world leading energy company, an American success story that went down in only a few weeks, wipping out billions of savings and retirement money.

This is a tale of greed, corruption, willful manipulation and complicity between politics, banks and big corporations, where everyone is somehow involved but refused to question the very fundamentals of a 'too good to be true' story.

This is a tale about humans, their deviancies and the easiness with which they can be a part of a horrible design, how the greed of some can push them to earn money on the back of others misfortune.

But in the end, the most terrible thing is that this story is all too common. The very recipe that led Enron to its downfall is the same that led the word to the current global crisis: deregulation, big money, government officials and corporations working hand in hand for their own sake, neglecting the people and disregarding the social consequences of their actions.

If there is only one thing to remember from this story, it's only those 3 simple words:

ask why, asshole

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