CQB -Team – Great website dedicated to Close Quarter Combat. It includes videos, basics for breaching & clearing and tactical formations. The US Army Field Manual also provides a detailed overview of urban combat skills.

Lt Col Anthony B Herbert’s Tactical Tips – A page with useful tactical tips for basic operations on the ground.

Small Unit Tactics, Fireteam & Leapfrogging – Quick overview of tactics used by small squads.

The US Army Ranger Handbook – Lead the way!

OODA loop – Observe – Orient – Decide – Act. Learn how to analyze the situation you are in and keep the initiative. You can find a more precise information on the page of Col. John Boyd, the US Air Force officer who created it.

Spetsnaz – The story behind the soviet SAS – Interesting piece on history, organization and strategies of the Spetsnaz. The book is dated from 1987, so it gives a feeling of what it was like to face the soviets at that time: a secret and obscure country, full of ruthless soldiers and  leaders.

Special Reconnaissance – Behind enemy lines, intelligence gathering and other related techniques. The Field Manual for Special Reconnaissance from the US Army. Appendix are the most detailed for practical use, including how to set up the site, infiltration/exfiltration, the use of camera and various other useful tips.

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